Styling: Pin Rolling

So, summer is upon us here in the UK (woooo and about time). I thought I would just share a small bit of styling advice that I have literally found invaluable for the last 3/4 years, Pin Rolling. The art of rolling your jeans up at the bottom of the leg is something that can either create wardrobe pandemonium or give your jeans a new lease of life.

The classic denim turn-up is something that is generally associated with geography teachers on a school trip or that finance guy who takes dress-down Friday to the next level. This is not a look that you want to channel on the daily; I for one am saving that for when I’m at least 40.

The video below gives you a guide on how to actually make sure your pin rolls are in check – it features a nice classic dark denim and some fresh kicks from New Balance. Video is by GTFan712 Productions.

The Dos and Don’ts of Pin Rolls

Do make sure they are neatly rolled

  • The trouble here is that people rush the roll and end up looking like they have cuffed bottom jeans rather than purposefully styled denim.

Don’t have uneven pinrolls

  • I’m all for asymmetrical trends; when it’s on purpose. But when you see people with one jean leg half way the calf and one tickling the top of a sneaker – it looks rather odd to say the least.

Do make sure you have matching socks on

  • If you’re going for the sock look that is. You can try and be quirky by wearing un-matching socks, but in reality it’s not a good look.

Don’t pinroll baggy jeans

  • Remember, as much as you think you might be MC Hammer, you’re 100% not.

So whether you are trying to show off those new sneaks or whether you are wanting to keep it cooler in the summer months; pin rolling is a trend that completely out-shadows the classic turn up and can add a modern twist onto most pairs of denim.

I for one always rock a pinrolled jean with my trainers.




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