6 Life Goals for 2017

I always break my New Year Resolutions. Whether it’s dry January, a health kick, giving up smoking etc.  So instead of making some sweeping statement this year I will be setting myself some life goals to achieve/work towards.
Not only will this make me more dedicated to achieving them it will allow me to measure them more clearly and help me on my road to, what I deem as, success!

1. Plan the next day the night before!

In a bid to be more organised, both in my personal life and work, I need be a more forward planner!
What does this mean? It means that I will be utilising my time in the evenings more. Instead of watching ‘just one more episode’ on Netflix, I’ll use the time to make sure everything is ready for the next day.  I’ll be pushing myself to make sure I do the following the night before:
  • Lunch prepping – this will also help with saving money and keeping a better control on my nutritional health.
  • Plan tomorrow’s outfit – stop the frantic morning ironing and the daily panic on whether or not I switched the iron off!
  • Prepping the coffee machine – ready for my morning cup o’ Joe
Not only this, but I’ve bought a personal planner to help me prepare my life beyond the next day! Just simple things such as weekend trips, blog schedules or friend’s and family’s birthdays can be documented ahead so I can make sure there’s no more rushing and panic buying!

2. Get my blog DA over 20!

This is a really big one for me.
I’m really enjoying blogging at the moment, it’s a great place for me to express myself, display my creativity, help learn about content marketing and SEO and also hopefully help people!
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There are many amazing male bloggers who’s blogs are inspirational and a lot of guys who are starting blogging! This year I want to make sure that my blog is up there with SEO merit but also where I can offer some of the newer guys (and girls) advice and help with their blog!
To help me hit this goal, I’ll be trying out the following:
  • Posting more consistently – blogging more about lifestyle rather than just clothing and male grooming
  • Guest blogging – writing for other sites and building my back links
  • Monthly tech checks – checking for broken links, internal linking where possible and ensuring that site speed is up to scratch

3. See at least 5 new cities

This sounds ambitious in principle. But I’m not sat here thinking the cities are going to be necessarily as glamorous as Milan, NYC and Sydney. They could be York, Brighton or Edinburgh.
Now I’ve just passed my driving test (8 years later than all my friends, but that’s a different story) I’ll be ensuring to make more of my weekends and also harnessing work opportunities that come my way!

4. Run a half marathon

Probably the biggest goal for this year. Last year I ran the Manchester 10k and I felt amazing after doing it, especially after completing it in 51 minutes.
I’m not a healthy being, I don’t strive to be some gym bunny and have washboard abs. What I do strive for, however, is a healthier lifestyle; whether this is down to eating right, drinking a lot of water or exercising regularly.
I will be starting the following as soon as possible I will definitely be on my way to my goal:
  • Going to the gym – at least twice a week to ensure I’m exercising more
  • Morning and evening runs – alongside the gym! Make sure that I am going at least twice a week to really push myself

 5. Skincare 101

The last 5 years have been hell for me and my poor adult acne-ridden skin.
I’ve had all the antibiotics, creams and washes you could think off. I spent a year taking isotretinoine  (roaccutane, accutane whatever the rebrand is). It was a horrible time for me, low mood and bad tempers but I powered through and now my skin is back to relative normality (albeit scar heavy).
So this year, I can finally get to grips with treating my skin right and here’s how I plan to do it:
  • Test out different brands – find something that’s right for me and my skin
  • Moisturise more – really understand the importance of moisture, morning and night!
  • Cleansing – get to grips with male cleansers, toners and exfoliators to really give my skin what it needs to breathe!

6. Spend More Time With Family

Even though I don’t live at home and I’m out the house for 12 hours a day I do see my direct family a lot.
But who I don’t see is my wider family; understandably everyone is busy with their lives as I am with mine but I think it’s definitely important to stay close. There’s no sort of steps to doing this, but now I’ve passed my driving test I’ve got the flexibility to go where I want when I want.
I’d love to hear what your goals are for 2017, let me know in the comments below

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