A Bear in Sunglasses?

A bear in sunglasses? Yeah, you heard right! The guys over at BearSwagger have designed a range of urban street wear based on a bear wearing sunglasses – and let me tell you, it’s pretty awesome. I was lucky enough to speak with them and get my paws (pun fully intended) on some of their accessories.

I started the daily commute, as I do every week day, but this week I came prepared with a new pal to take with me.

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Being the early bird I am; I found myself a whole hour early for work. Definitely a great opportunity to check out this little coffee shop that I walk past everyday but unfortunately never had the fortune of crossing its threshold.

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idle hands coffee, homemade cakes, breakfast in manchester

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The real leather cash strap card holder is perfect for nights on the town or when you don’t want a random leg bulge in your skinny jeans. Also, looks great and pretty damn inconspicuous sat on the table whilst you drink your coffee.

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cash strap, mens wallet, male fashion, mens style

Not too big, not too small. That’s what I can say about this backpack. Perfect for storing the everyday essentials in; whether off to work or for a day chilling down the park.

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The best thing about BearSwagger? The price! Check them out and maybe you can start to believe the BS.

What do I put in my work bag? Check out my introduction to StyleFade!



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