adidas Originals: NMD R1 Whitewash Style

I always sit around waiting for trainer drops; I’m a real nightmare for it. I sit refreshing and hoping for a good half an hour, always with no luck! No Yeezys (even though I tried every single drop), no triple black NMDs; equally, no triple white NMDs. However, this time was different; I managed to cop a pair of the NMD R1 Whitewash – they sold out in under 10 minutes, so a little bit slower than the Yeezy launch but nevertheless still a short space of time.

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It’s been claimed that Kayne himself has been the reason why adidas is smashing profits and overtaking their rivals, Nike…

But let’s be fair, adidas have spent the last year or so creating desirable products and making them nearly impossible to get hold of. Everywhere I look there is someone re-selling Yeezy boosts, NMDs R1s, LeBron’s etc. being a ‘sneakerhead’, in most cases, is being able to mak

e money from something you love; so fair monday, topman, adidas originals, men's fashion

I styled my NMD R1s with black skinny jeans from Topman which I pin-rolled really detailing the tongue and rim of the shoe (here’s some tips on how to pinroll your denim). I always use Topman as my go to denim but of late I’ve been switching it up a bit and have been trying different brands.

The text reads ‘The Brand with the Three Stripes’, and is continued around all of the sneaker. It’s cool, again stamping its global brand presence in everything they do.

adidas nmd r1 whitewash, topman, jeans, black denim

I love Cheap Monday and so it’s no surprise that my top is from there; classic grey and black striped long-sleeved top. I rolled up the sleeves to around ¾ to break up the block colours and to generally give a more practical wear to a long sleeve top.

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I hope you guys like this look – it’s a real casual look that you can pull off



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