Aesop Cleanser and Toner – Male Grooming Review

Aesop Cleanser and Toner – Male Grooming Review

I tried and tested the cleanser and toner from Aesop courtesy of Mankind. So as you may or may not have read, one of my New Year goals was to look after my skin more. So when got in contact and asked me to ‘Master the Unknown’ and try a new grooming routine I was more than thrilled to accept.

I have tried your bog standard face wash, exfoliating, moisturising etc. but one thing I hadn’t tried was cleansing and toning. After hearing a lot of the beauty bloggers talk about their face washing routines and even some of the male bloggers talking about theirs.



I always feel like I’m not doing the right thing and I guess that’s okay; but what’s not okay is not trying new things to find out exactly what works. With this in mind I tried out cleansing and toning.


What is Cleanser?

Cleanser is not dissimilar to facewash; they both have the function of cleaning your face. However, where they differ is in the foaming department. Face wash, in the main, foams a lot, whereas cleanser is more of a lotion that doesn’t foam a lot and doesn’t require to be scrubbed off.


What does Cleanser do?

Cleanser rids your face of all different dirt and oils. It helps remove any sort of pollution that you may come into contact with. It’s a great way to clean your face in a gentle way.


What is Toner?

Toner is a tonic/lotion that is used after washing the face in order to help your skin become refreshed and the tone more refined. It’s generally used to help reduce oiliness and helps reduce the size of pores.


What does Toner do?

As mentioned, toner is used to help reduce the size of facial pores and help with oily skin. Anyone who suffers with breakouts of spots can use to toner to help control this and in some case eliminate it completely.

Toner is also great to aid in the prevention of blocked pores, stopping dirt from getting into the pore which will in
evitably cause blackheads.


Aesop’s Parsley Seed Cleanser

I tried using the Parsley Seed facial cleanser from Aesop (found here). I made my face damp with warm water and applied a small amount of the cleanser to my hands and rubbed into my face using a circular motion to help create a slight layer of foam.




The smell of the product is great normally you find that unisex skincare products have a more floral scent whereas the Aesop range gives a much more neutral scent. It’s a very earthy odour that really gives the impression of cleanliness and natural-ness (for want of a better word).


After using the cleanser my face felt good, It felt refreshed and best of all it felt clean!


Aesop’s B & Tea Balancing Toner

I used the B & Tea Balancing toner (found here) right after using the Parsley Seed facial cleanser. I simply added a few drops onto a cotton pad and used a similar (yet less rigorous) circular motion to apply on to my face. The toner was then left to dry into my skin.


Again, similar to the Cleanser it had a great smell, there’s something really natural to the Aesop brand. With one of the main ingredients being Witch Hazel it left my skin with a fresh scent.


After my skin feeling so clean after using the cleanser it also felt quite exposed. The toner added an extra layer of freshness to my face. It made it feel ready to go and restored my skin from feeling exposed


Like I mentioned, I’m happy to try out new products and this definitely paid off and I will definitely be using this skincare routine every night to help clear my skin of the daily dirt and grime it collects whilst leaving me to sleep with my face feeling fresh and super clean.

Do any of you guys use cleanser or toner?



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