Brunch: Bakers and Roaster’s Amsterdam

Brunch, brunch and more brunch. God I love brunch; so when I traveled over to the Netherlands I made sure I went on the hunt for the best lunch/breakfast combo I could find.

So it was a weekday and Holland was treating us to absolutely boiling hot sunshine, which I was not complaining about. But what I found when looking for places to eat in the city was that a lot of cafés and brunching diners only opened for weekend service. Luckily I got a tip from a foodie to make sure to explore this part of Amsterdam as this is where I would find the best food spots; they weren’t wrong!

Bakers and Roasters is situated a little bit out of Amsterdam city center (the dam square area) and can be found here.

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The place itself is ran by a Kiwi and Brazilian between them they’ve managed to bring echoes of their home nations, a style of Sweden and then mixed in with a West Hollywood styled brunch (where the owners first met).

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At 11am the first thing I needed for a long day in the city was a good old cup o’ Joe! I ordered a soya flat white. As you can see for yourselves the precision in the foam art was perfect, and completely fitted the aesthetically pleasing design that is so regularly dismissed by the larger coffee houses (cough, Starbucks, cough).

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After receiving my coffee it was most definitely time to order food. Now everywhere on their menu was eggs (full menu available here): poached eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs. And enough avocado, bacon, pancakes, sour dough to make the Americans panic.

I opted for the B&R special (typically the most expensive egg dish at €12.50) with poached eggs and my friend got himself the same but with fried eggs but boy was it special and worth every cent.

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Perfectly toasted sour dough – check
Perfectly poached eggs – check
Perfectly crispy bacon – check
Perfectly fried pancakes – check
Perfectly sweet organic Canadian maple syrup – check
Perfectly happy plate – check, check, checkbrunch spot amsterdam, pancakes holland, british mens blogger

The service was great, you know the kind; attentive but not irritating, friendly without being fake.

I literally couldn’t give this brunch spot in Amsterdam a higher recommendation, absolutely fantastic!

Have you eaten brunch in Amsterdam? Where did you eat?


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