Brunch: The Breakfast Club Spitalfields

Brunch, brunch, brunch – the best meal of the day. When travelling, I can’t help but find the local brunch hotspots and indulge myself. I wen’t to London at the weekend, so thought I would review The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields. As you can tell by previous foodie posts, I can’t get enough!
After enjoying a wonderful train ride courtesy of the Virgin Sale (Manchester to London return for £20), we alighted at London Euston. This was Shortly followed by a brisk walk across the green covered mini park to Euston Square tube stop. Retrospectively, it was only a short journey on a relatively quiet tube to Liverpool Street station.
Determined not to use Google maps we wandered around the rather picturesque back streets of Spitalfields until we saw a long queue outside a bright yellow door.
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We joined the queue to The Breakfast Club, feeling hungry and excited as there were so many great reviews about it. Whilst queuing, we got an estimated waiting time of 20 minutes – devastated!
Luckily, it was a lovely morning, not too hot but the sun was shining down – either way I was happy that it wasn’t raining.
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As we get inside we realised the queue was longer than hoped, but greeting us in the door way was a memory arch which featured personalised notes and pictures of all those who had dined before us. It was so uplifting to see the range of messages and photos that had been left. Ranging from hen parties to foreign travellers; to children who drew a stickman on a napkin.
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Finally, after around 35-40 minutes a table was available. Woohoo.
As we walked to the table I couldn’t take my eyes off all of the reclaimed, branded items that seemed to make up 30% of the decor. This, mixed with all the wall hung neon signs gave The Breakfast Club a real rustic but fresh vibe.
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rustic decor, breakfast club, vintage club
The menu was so extensive featuring all the classic brunch favourites… Lots of egg (in ever style available, avocado, pancakes etc. But it also featured some absolute curve balls in the form of home-style potatoes and some Mexican inspired chorizo, refried beans and tortilla.
 breakfast club menu, brunch menu, london
Before I had chance to look over the menu fully (holding back the saliva) the waitress asked for our drinks.
Ordering a soy latte whilst my friend orders a sugary delight in the form of a caramel latte. The drinks turned up in the most vibrantly coloured cups, mine bright blue and Jack’s (my friend) bright yellow.
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As per usual I opted for eggs Benedict, however rather than the classic bacon version of the brunch dish, it came with ham hock; a change I can really get behind! As recommended by the waitress, I also ordered a side of home-style potatoes and damn they were good.

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poached eggs, eggs benedict, brunch, male food blog, ham
Jack got the ‘Half-Monty’ but managed to swap his tomato for the potatoes.
 half monty, breakfast, london
The food arrived quickly (to be fair we were sat next to the dumb waiter) and was nice and hot. The poached eggs were cooked to perfection with the hollandaise sauce as creamy and flavourful as ever. The potatoes were crisp, fluffy and herby.
All in all, it was a great brunch/breakfast and for London was reasonably priced. It was just shy of £27 for all the aforementioned food.
  • Service – 4/5
  • Food quality – 4/5
  • Price – 4/5
  • Overall 4/5
Have any of you guys ever been, what did you think?

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