Upping my Denim Game with Edwin at John Lewis

Edwin, the brand that was created back in 1947 in Japan has landed at John Lewis. As there was no denim manufacturing in Japan, Mr Tsunemi (founder of the Edwin brand) sought after importing denim from the U.S of A. It was only in 1961 that the first pair of Edwin denim jeans were created.

I’ve been saying for a while now that I need to invest in some new denim and I think I’ve found the perfect place and brand to do so. Edwin’s A16 lookbook is so dope. It’s clean, fresh and effortless.





The lookbook has a real chromatic feel to it; displaying a lot of block white, black, grey and denim. It really encapsulates the Nordic design without shouting HIPSTER.

The brand has now launched at John Lewis, the department store that expands its male fashion offering with every check of the site; I recently wrote about Samsoe and Samsoe and picked my favourite products from the John Lewis range; here I’ve done the same for Edwin.

  1. Tapered Casual Unwashed Denim Jeans


These classic look tapered jeans are crafted with a great deal of style. The dark nature of the unwashed denim really compliments a nice white trainer for that casual look. Only £80 as well; definitely an investment for the transitional period and also for the colder Winter months.


  1. Grey Edwin Logo Tee


I have 10000 grey tees, some plain, some logo-centric and some subtly branded. The white brand name really powers through against the grey marl; not to mention the versatility of the monochrome colours. Priced at £30 this t-shirt is durable and wearable whatever the season.


  1. Navy Bomber Jacket


Everywhere I look I see bomber jackets, in fast-fashion, in really high-end stores but finding one that stays true to the heritage of the style whilst also not looking cheap hasn’t been an easy feat. A little bit out of my price range (£190), this Navy Bomber is the perfect for those end of year months where you can’t decide if you need a full parka or puffer jacket but a tshirt simply won’t suffice.


  1. Black and White check shirt


Monochrome, monochrome and a bit more monochrome. I love this shirt, its white check detail breaks up a plain black shirt without being to in your face and creating too much of a statement. It’s 100% cotton as well so is wearable through to next Summer as it’s breathable. Not sure about you guys but I definitely need a breathable fabric when it starts to heat up.




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