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Festival season continues! Did you check out my other posts on festival style? If not, give that a read straight after reading this ­čśë

This festival style is much more neutral and shows how you can really multipurpose one tee for cold and warm weather. As a male fashion blogger, I like to think my style is rather mainstream and not too niche.


Band tee’s are the in-thing. Whether you even know who Nirvana are, or what Metallica’s first album was called. It doesn’t seem to matter these days as everyone will boast a band logo tee.


Luckily, I do quite like music, so busting out an AC/DC tee or Metallica jersey I like to think I know enough to warrant the wear of it.


Festival Style – Look #2

(Find look #1 here)

male blogger - festival style - denim jacket


I teamed up my ACDC band tee from Zara with some ripped black denim jeans. This all black outfit gets broken up with my vintage denim jacket (eBay special, of course). My favourite double denim rule is to make sure one denim is black!


festival style - vintage denim jacket- male blogger


As you can see, my trusty Old School Vans have made their way into most outfits. This being no exception.


festival style - band tee- male fashion blogger


A denim jacket at a festival is the perfect item for when the weather is likely to change. It’s not overly warm, but will keep heat. It’s not too heavy to feel burdened with when moving from stage to stage. Also, it’s move-able, meaning you can easily rock out to your hearts content.


Festival Style – Look #3

Looking at the same top and bottom, I’ve switched up my footwear and removed the jacket.


male fashion blogger acdc band tee festive style


When the rain’s been pouring, but the sun has blessed us with it’s presence. Keep cool with ripped jeans, a simple band tee but not forgetting a great pair of wellies. Hunter’s of course.


male fashion blogger festive style band tee


Whatever you’re wearing this festival season remember to have fun and make memories. Stay safe, but release your inhibitions.


male fashion blog - festival style - denim jacket








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  1. I really like the outfit! However, you could not wear that to a festival here in Barcelona haha you need shorts and only a tshirt

    Zoel Hernández | zoelhernandez.com

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