Luxury Scents for Men: Christmas Gift Guide

I have this obsession with smells. I spend so much time deciding what fragrance I should wear, what fragrance my car should have and what my house should smell like. With this in mind I’ve written a super short gift guide for men’s fragrances and luxury scents just in time for the holiday season. Seeing as though it’s been a while since I wrote about male scents.


1. Clive Christian – Perfumes for men


Clive Christian’s fragrances really give something above and beyond the normal shop bought ‘pour homme’ scents. In particular the V Private collection grabbed my attention straight away.


Amber Fougere is masculine scent featuring woody notes which is complimented with dry amber giving the overall scent a real winter feel. Whereas it’s pair, Fruity, is a slightly more feminine scent. It’s mid tone is that of jasmine and top notes of cassis and palmarosa.


Combined, these fragrances work perfectly in tandem and (more so with the Amber Fougere) as a solid stand alone winter fragrance. The strength and long-lasting nature of these luxury scents means that you can transition from a day in the office to a night on the town without having to top up.


Clive_Christian Amber-Fougere

Clive_Christian private collection fruity


2. Rituals of Dao – Home Aroma Sticks


My absolute favourite home scent. I spent ages trying to find the perfect scent that was powerful enough to notice but wasn’t overpowering. Something that didn’t scream ‘perfume’ or ‘pot pourri’.

I came across the Rituals store when I was at Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet (for you Southerners, that’s Bicester Village) and I fell in love with their vibe and their complete product knowledge. It was so refrRituals fragrance luxury scenteshing to be around helpful and passionate shop assistants.


The Rituals of Dao is a combination of white lotus and yi yi ren. The relatively neutral pairing means that the scent can fit in most rooms of the house. I’ve personally got one in the bathroom and one in lounge.


3. Jo Malone – Pomegranate Noir Candle


Would any luxury fragrance list be complete without one of these all time bloggers best friends? They really are a top addition to the home. It screams out class without an ounce of pretentiousness.


luxury scents Jo Malone London


I also tried the Aldi version of this, but nothing can compare to the original. However what I did find is that it helps to push the scent further without splashing out for two of the original luxury scents.







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