Male Blogger Spotlight – Ryan Mules

My second installment of the newly created spotlight on male bloggers. If you missed the first installment with Zoel you can check it out here. Chatting to male bloggers and get their thoughts on all things blog related; their biggest achievements and what the future holds for them.

Ryan Mules is an influencer who mixes Vivienne Westwood with charity shop gear and still look straight from the catwalk. Literally, this guy can buy an outfit for under £50 (shoes and all) and make it GQ worthy.

Based in Cardiff he utilises all landscapes and city scapes that’re around him to create a compelling  Instagram feed. Full of all different types of outfits and back drops this geezer is definitely a ‘Notifications On’ kind of guy.


  1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging on Tumblr at about 18. Never thought it was my cup of tea but being able to visualise my own aesthetic through Tumblr was the beginning. I started writing at around 20 on a previous blog which I have since shut down (thank god!) It’s only been over the last two years since I started taking blogging ‘seriously’. I gained a lot of confidence in my writing after working for an online mag called Real Clobber. I think my articles are still on their website so you should check them out!

  1. As a male blogger, who do you look up to in blogging world?

I wouldn’t say I really look up to anyone in the blogging world as there’s not too many male bloggers who have similar style to me. With that being said, I do have a few favourite male bloggers including yourself of course. Charlie from Modish Male, Aaran from Halo Of Thoughts and Daniel from Vibe Twenty Five. Also shout out to the ladies especially India from trashedvintage and Paige from who always kill it.

  1. If you blog was a film, what film would it be and why?

My blog would almost definitely be Superbad, not only because I look like Mclovin when I wear my glasses! My blog (behind the scenes) is basically a catalogue of errors with stuff always going wrong or me having no idea what I’m doing, but I somehow managed to pull it together! The only difference with my blog and Superbad is Mclovin gets laid at the end…

  1. How do you think male blogging has changed in its infancy?

Considering that male blogging hasn’t really been a thing for too long, it’s great to see how it’s expanding every day. With every new male blogger comes a new niche in the market, a new person with a different story and most importantly someone who can offer a different perspective. I’ve seen a lot of people complain that the male blogger market has become over saturated. That may be the case, but I use that as an excuse to create better content.

  1. Looking at your blog; what makes you most proud, what do you look at and think ‘yeah, I did good there’?

Definitely attending London Fashion Week! I attending the SS17 show for a ladieswear brand called N&S Gaia, and it was so much fun. I had the chance to go behind the scenes and see backstage but at the time my camera was horrendous so I had no photos (cry.) My short term aim is to be invited to more shows and experience more of fashion week.


  1. Blog posts can be really personal, where do you find your inspirations to blog?

My main inspiration for my blog is just my every day experiences. Some of my most successful posts have been ones where I’ve been having an existential crisis and I’ve somehow managed to sum it up in words. At first I used these posts as an excuse to just have a huge brain fart but was so surprised to see how many people agreed with me and let me know that they feel exactly the same. I think the best advice for people who want to write comes from Ricky Gervais who said “Write about what you know”. It’s such a simple but effective mantra.

  1. Where do you see the future of ‘influencer marketing’ going?

At this very moment in time, influencer marketing could seriously go either way. There are so many capable and amazing influencers/bloggers out there but a lot of brands are failing to see this. Mainly due to falling for the old ‘followers means influence’ trick. As bloggers we know that this definitely isn’t the case but unless brands begin to notice this then influencer marketing could be extinct before we know it.

I saw a presentation recently where they said influencers with less than 1000 followers have a 8.03% engagement rate. Whereas people of 100k+ are averaging roughly an 0.76% rate, and engagement is obviously what brands need to get sales/traffic.

  1. If you could tell one thing to brands wanting to work with male bloggers what would it be?

If I had one thing to tell them it would be to look further than the biggest influencers. I see some bloggers who are promoting products on their social media that it’s clear they’ll never use in day to day life. It’s the same people talking about how a certain brand of whisky is their favourite alcoholic drink yet you never see them mention it again!

Pretty proud to say I’ve turned down quite a few collaborations in the past because I’d be lying to myself and my readers if I promoted them, and I think this is where brands need to be more aware. Would the collaboration be genuine? I’ve had a brand contact me before about promoting their service of home delivered condoms which eradicates the ‘embarrassment’ of buying them. Yeah it’s a good concept, but at no point have I ever spoken about condoms or sex on my blog. Clearly it wouldn’t be genuine on my part. Anyway I’m ranting, in a nut shell brands need to look further than followers numbers to get real engagement!

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  1. I’ve always thought a blog has to be personal to have that special kind of integrity. Great post and great interview!

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