Male Grooming Tips: 5 Minute Hacks

I can be the worst at forgetting to groom myself, sometimes I forget, sometimes I decide I want to look like wolverine (then regret it the next day). Either way, it’s so important for us guys to stay on top of making sure our faces are pristine.
As a male blogger I often get asked how I ‘maintain my face’ (favourite quote to date) so here’s my 5 time saving hacks for shaving and manscaping:
1. Use an electric razor
In a rush? Don’t have time to prep your face for a clean wet shave, but still want to look immaculate and perfectly groomed? Then use an electric beard trimmer! It’s my go to for looking well kept; in a rush and when I want to keep some ‘designer stubble’.

2. Condition your beard in the shower 
Yep, you read that right, by applying a small coat of hair conditioner to your beard whilst in the shower you soften the hairs on your face making them easier to shave, shape or trim.
Don’t own conditioner? Check out my post for Men-U shampoo and conditioner.
3. Use a ruler for those barber shop style cheek lines 
I’ve always envied those guys who look like they’ve just walked out of the barbers with the perfectly kept beard.
The rise in male grooming has inevitably led to a rise in male groomers/barber shops/guys salons. These, however, can be expensive.
Instead of forking out for a cut throat shave, crack open your old pencil case and use a ruler to create the perfect straight cheek line. This will save time when trying to ensure you’ve not missed any random stragglers and make sure you’re beard is neat and ready to go!
4.  Pores are im-PORE-tant
By allowing your pores to open you give your skin that extra chance to breathe, makes the hairs stand to attention and also softens them which all-in-all allows a much quicker, cleaner and painless shave.
5. Wet shaving? A sharp razor is the key for speed.
Ever tried cutting vegetables with a blunt knife? Or perhaps tried cutting a filet steak with a butter knife? If the answer to either of those questions is yes then you should know how having the right instrument is important. And guess what? The same rules apply for shaving!
Blunt razors are the main cause for slowing down that morning routine. Apart from loss of speed they are also the main reason for nicks and cuts and pulling of the hair – painful, I know!
Have you guys got any tips about shaving? Do you use an electric or a manual razor, I’d love to know.

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