September Grooming Box

As the male fashion and grooming market grows even more popular; more and more brands appear, it’s hard to know what is good for your skin and 6,000,000 questions go round your head like some sort of monotonous dermatology roundabout:

  • Is moisturiser okay to use twice a day?
  • Is daily facial exfoliation too excessive?
  • Can I make my hair look thicker with products?
  • Is washing your hair everyday too much?
  • What about conditioner, does this help dandruff?
  • Do supplements make my skin better?
  • Can I use lip balm that doesn’t look like lipstick?
  • Should I use separate face moisturiser to body moisturiser?

(the answer to all those questions is yes by the way)

It’s no secret that I like to look after myself; the guys over at decided they wanted to help me groom myself that extra bit more and decided to send over their Mankind Grooming Box (Worth £110 but sells at an amazing £25).

makind-male-grooming-logo mankind-mens-shampoo-conditioner-male-lip-balm

I love that there’s now dedicated websites and brands for male grooming as I was always really conscious that by looking after my skin I would smell of roses and other floral scents, but now I can carry on smelling musty and manly. Plus women’s and men’s skin are so different; grooming products that successful for women’s skin may have the adverse effect on a guy’s skin.


The box contained the following:

Hanz de Fuko Gravity Paste Hair:

Men-U Shampoo:

Men-U Conditioner:

Jack Black ‘The Stick’:

Imedeen Man-age-ment:

Mr Natty’s Shipwreck Shower Gel:


A free pair of Levi Socks


Over the next week I will be reviewing the items in the summer grooming box and letting you all know what I feel about each product. From the look and feel of the brand, to the quality and usefulness of the product I’ll try and leave no rock un-turned.



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