Review: Men-U Shampoo For Male Hair

Men-U shampoo is a shampoo for guys who care about their hair, a shampoo which smells and looks fresh. Here’s my male guide to the hair cleanser that I received in my Male Grooming Box.
Choosing the right male shampoo; a phrase that 10 years ago I would have laughed at. I was happy with my classic 2 in 1 shower gel/shampoo combo. But as I’ve got older I’ve realised the apparent need to not only look after my hair but to make sure it can be fully ready for the day ahead.
I’ve tried all sorts, from Alpecin (Germany’s number one shampoo) to Joe Hart’s favourite, Head and Shoulders. All of which provided me with clean hair, don’t get me wrong, but nothing seemed to make my hair feel fresh and treated.
Men-u on the other hand really made my hair feel that extra level of clean and fresh.
The Men-U design is clean and fresh (a clear representation of the contents) and it’s pump bottle top really gives you ease of application whilst ensuring you’re not wasting any by putting an obscene and unnecessary amount in your hair.
I don’t necessarily have dry or greasy hair so for me as someone with ‘normal hair’ it’s leaves my hair feeling fresh.
It smells fresh, and doesn’t strip the hair of any natural moisture, but leaves your hair feeling light and ready to go.
With the promise of 120 washes in only 100ml its perfect to have at home or to take to the gym. I travel a lot, lots of London trips with work and also a lot of European city breaks; and this 100ml size is perfect for carrying in your hand luggage; is lightweight enough to not make your bag too heavy and stops you having to raid Bodycare and fork out for those ridiculously tiny bottles.
Priced at £9.95 from this little bottle can really give your hair that much needed refreshment whilst also ensuring a mere £0.08 a wash, a bargain for quality if you ask me.
Not to mention they’re the perfect gift (when coupled with the matching conditioner) for Christmas without reaching for the classic Lynx shower gel/body spray gift set.
Conditioner is available as well – similar in design the Men-U conditioner carries through the fresh and clean scent.
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