Outfit of The Day #2 – Wide Leg Grey Trousers

Wide legged grey trousers? Spring styling with pastel pink and Nike tube socks.


Another Outfit of the Day post. I promised that as I call myself a fashion blogger that I need to make more of an effort when it comes to showing the fashion that I wear on the daily. I posted the first outfit of the day a couple of weeks back. This featured an all black number with a splash of khaki.


With the first day of Spring being fully underway (even with a few days of rain along the way)  I’ve really tried to make my sure my wardrobe lighter, both in the colour and weight sense of the word.


I’ve seen a lot of brands post about wide leg trousers, and I’ve seen them walked down the catwalk at London Fashion Week Men’s or LCM in it’s infancy.


I literally wear skinny jeans every single day. I’m talking about spray-on, skin hugging skinny; so for me to wear anything other is a revelation in itself.


What did I wear?

  1. Wide Leg Grey Trousers
  2. Pink Sweatshirt
  3. Old School Vans
  4. Nike Tube Socks


I teamed up these light grey wide leg trousers with my trusty Nike tube socks and my Old School Vans. The black vans really made the grey trousers seem much lighter and the white socks add a nice break between the two.


Pink is the colour of the season; everywhere I look there’s blush pink, salmon, dusty pink and everything in between. Topman seem to have us all covered with this pink jumper. It fits perfect and feels super soft, plus gives a punch of colour which is great.



One of the main things I love about these wide leg trousers is the thick crease down the center (there’s probably a technical term for this).




As you can see the mixture of grey and pink really gives a much lighter look for these spring months.


How’re you styling for Spring? Are you feeling the wide leg trouser look?




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  1. Great outfit! I’m exactly the same in that all I normally wear is skinnies, but would love to try out stuff like this. Love the pastel colour too.

    Have a good one,


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