Outfit of the Day #1 – Old School Vans

I guess seeing as though I class myself as a male fashion blogger, I should definitely pay more attention to posting about my outfits, what I wear and the upcoming trends. So here goes, my first Outfit of The Day #OOTD post 🙂


My obsession with my Old School Vans has become a daily struggle. I love wearing them, they’re so versatile. Classic black suede with a rubber white sole and a leather detailing with the OG Vans swipe.


I’ve already mentioned my love of layering a few weeks ago so as you can imagine it comes as no surprise that my outfit of the day comes in the form of a layered all black with a touch of colour.


I bought into the longline trend a while ago, and I love that it’s still around. This khaki super-longline tee is from Topman, it’s really light and with a baggy/skater fit so it’s super comfy to wear and doesn’t add too much in terms of warmth but does add that bit of colour into a completely monochromatic outfit.


Over the top I wore a thick wool jumper from my favourite brand Cheap Monday (I legit don’t think they could do anything I don’t like). It’s provides me with that sort of Dennis the Menace vibe with thick horizontal stripes. Again, it’s a relatively loose fitting jumper so doesn’t sit tight and make you ridiculously warm like most jumpers.


I paired the baggy/oversized top half with a super skinny black jeans from boohooMAN, I feel that this gave a bit more shaping to the outfit and plus who wear baggy jeans these days? Certainly not me!


Like I mentioned my obsession with my Old School Vans had led me to wear them with EVERYTHING. So these teamed up with my black skinnys really helped add a bit more depth to the bottom half with the white stripe and sole being the centrepiece (for want of a better word) of my bottom half.




So in case you’re interested the outfit details and links for either the direct item, or something similar below.


I’m gonna be doing more of these types of posts so keep and eye out for someone more 😉





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