Winter Scent: Bvlgari Man in Black

Sorry that it has been a while since I last posted, I’ve been very busy throughout the holidays and then the dreaded back to work in January.

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers post about changing their scent from summer to winter, and so as a male blogger I thought I would share my own experiences on the matter at hand.

As winter draws its frosted curtains here in the UK, I thought it was a perfect time to up my scent game and finally make the dreaded change from my fresh summer fragrance to my spicy winter perfume.
I always make it my aim to try something new, so as you can imagine the struggle for change and improvement gets harder every year.

I opted for Bvlgari: Man in Black which is described as a neo-Oriental Eau de Parfum.

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It shows top notes of spicy tobacco and Ambery Rum whilst it’s heart radiates a leather accord, iris absolute and tuberose (a creamy, carnal floral note) followed by the base notes of Guaiac wood, Benzoin and Tonka Bean ; the latter being likened, of scent, to amber and tobacco thus enhancing the top notes and giving a real manly aroma.

Their media campaign is pretty damn cool as well; it shows a black and white horizon leading to greyscaled clouds, followed by with an almost birds eye view of a cliff edge with crashing waves. It then ends with a monochrome profile of a bearded man facing slight away from the camera; all in all, a very masculine campaign. Seen on their YouTube channel here:

Being a parfum rather than an Eau De Toilette I have genuinely noticed the increase in concentration and as such have been able to apply much less in order to achieve the desired strength of noticeability.

Either way, the change came, the change saw and the change conquered and I’m exceedingly pleased with my new winter scent.


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